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We select wine in France for your liking, just as we once used to for our loved ones and friends, long before our hobby became our livelihood. We know all the winemakers personally. We know how they care for their vineyards and how they process and carefully handle their wine until the moment it leaves the winery.

In our selection, you will find wines from small winegrowers from France, especially from the valley of Rhône, but also from the region of Jura and other French regions. Many of our wines represent biodynamic wines that can proudly show off the French National Certificate of Agriculture Biologique and we even offer vegan wines without added sulphites.

Five reasons why choose the wines from Na břehu Rhôny

• We personally tasted, selected and imported each wine directly from the winemakers.
• All wines come from a small family wineries that produces them in small batches with high quality.
• Our wines are produced using traditional methods without the use of artificial additives. Many of them are certified organic.
• Although our primary selection often come from famous and expensive regions, we are able to offer them at more affordable price.
• You can taste all of our wines on our regular wine tasting events andother events.

Just as our winemakers take the best care from the roots to the corks, we also aim to take the best care of our customers. Apart from the fact that we care about you in our wine bars On the Rhône bank, we also offer a wide portfolio of services for corporate, individual and wholesale clients.

And what do we offer?

For individual and corporate customers:

• Customized wine tasting, also in the premises of your company
• Various benefits as a part of our loyalty program
• Tours to our wine growers in the region of Southern Rhine
• Selection of wines for your private wine shop
• Corporate wines, including the delivery of a special batch directly from the winemaker
• Regular themed and gourmet evenings

For wholesalers:

• Regular seasonal tasting of the new incoming wines and informal training of your team from our own sommelier throughout the cooperation
• Discount system according to the consumption
• Free transport of the wine to your business
• Regular and up-to-date catalog and perfect insight into our news and recommendations
• Marketing support
• Organizing tasting events in your premises for your customers
• Meeting with our French winemakers
• Ability to participate

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